YUZU an ancient Japanese fruit

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Yuzu is produced in southern Japan, especially on Shikoku Island, Kōchi Prefecture and Korea on Jeju Island.
But that was before!

YUZU an ancient Japanese fruit

A little history

Yuzu is produced in southern Japan, especially on Shikoku Island, Kōchi Prefecture and Korea on Jeju Island.
But that was before!
On the original plan, yuzu ( Citrus junos ) is a hybrid fruit between an ancient citrus named Ichang papeda and a bitter tangerine from China. It is commonly used in Japan and Korea, where it was introduced during the Tang Dynasty between the seventh and ninth centuries.
Rustic down to -10 / -12 ° C, the YUZU is a very thorny tree with bushy habit, 3 meters or more high.
From humid forests , YUZU is not yet well known in our country.
Its shiny green leaves are lanceolate (The blade of a leaf is said to be lanceolate when it has the appearance of a narrow lance), simple and persistent. The small, white, spring-like flowers are scented: they will give fruit to the thick, bumpy skin, the size of a mandarin, the yuzus are yellow when ripe , at the end of the year .
Citrus junos is a large shrub of the Rutaceae family.
It is very complicated to raise.

The world-renowned YUZU in Cuisine

Aroma and Delicacy

Yuzu is green to yellow depending on its degree of ripeness and has very thick, bumpy skin. Many large seeds are present in the flesh of yuzu and it produces little juice.

yuzu has a special taste , between lime, yellow grapefruit and tangerine with a well-marked acidity and much appreciated by citrus lovers.

Yuzu is mainly grown in Japan, China and Korea, widely used in dishes, marmalades and ancestral teas, but also as seasoning.

Yuzu fruity and fragrant

The Yuzu is less acidic than lemon, its fruity, so it is ideal to highlight vegetables, meats and fish.

It is found in all major restaurants, through extraordinary recipes, but also in all TV cooking shows and kitchen magazines.

Chefs and pastry chefs have been raving about it for years now! And they are right, considering the number of goods made that brings this fruit: rich in antioxidants , more precisely in vitamin C, flavonoids and limonoids.

From starter to dessert, Yuzu is everywhere to flavor drinks, creams and jams.
In cooking yuzu will bring a delicate fragrance to all your fish, but also to soups, crustaceans and chicken with which it is subtly marrying.

For drinks , it gives a surprising taste in a cocktail or especially in yuzu tea .

Concerning the pastry , it will delicately perfume creams, pies, cakes, madeleines, éclairs, macaroons. With an infusion of zest of yuzu, your preparations will be sublimated.

And think chocolate , the yuzu will bring finesse and depth to chocolates and cream!


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