Our Roasted Lemon Caviar Powder

La Casa Del Limon De Carolina, producer and manufacturer of organic dry processed products

It took a lot of work to find the right mix of our varieties of caviar lemons, to make this unique and fantastic powder!

Long months before finding the right and necessary proportion to make a balanced and extraordinary product, really bringing different taste and aromatic qualities.

The aroma is so powerful, strong, flowery, aroma of lime, citrus flower and topsoil, that the chefs who smelled our powder said “Whooooowww!”.

Our Roasted Lemon Caviar Powder, 100% Organic Fruit, Mixture of several varieties of Lemon Caviar, is a high-end product, like Truffle powder or Saffron powder!

It will be used to flavor your cooking and pastries, but also your cocktails, or your teas and infusions, and your finest gourmet dishes.

This very aromatic Our Organic Caviar Lemons powder will allow you to sublimate your cocktails, your dishes, your desserts. 1/2 teaspoon (1g) is enough to flavor a cocktail, a fish sauce, a broth, a salad dressing, a vinaigrette, a dessert cream, a chocolate dessert, a cake, an infusion or a tea! Enjoy!

It is packaged in a sealed bag, with an excellent quality ZIP closure, allowing it to have a DDM (date of minimum durability) of 18 months.

Our Roasted Lemon Caviar Powder is certified ORGANIC (CV7882E Operator certified by ES-ECO-020-CV).

Available HERE in 15g - Professionals can contact us HERE for other sizes and prices

Polvo Caviar de Limon Tostado Poudre de Citron Caviar Torrefiee

Real Natural Lemon Caviar Beads

La Casa Del Limon De Carolina, producer and manufacturer of its ORGANIC processed FRUIT

We wanted to enjoy our fruit and their "bewitching" Lemon Caviar Pearls for longer than the season.
So we decided to develop a way to put them in mini jars, and it's not as easy as that.

And finally, we found a way to preserve their aroma and integrity.

We offer you the possibility of consuming our magnificent Lemon Caviar pearls all year round!

They are ready to use.

All you have to do is open the jar (if possible, chill it for 15 minutes beforehand), and sprinkle your food, your dessert, your fish with the Lemon Caviar pearls of your choice.

We pack 2 kinds of colours: Lemon Caviar Pearls ROSA colour and Lemon Caviar Pearls BEIGE colour.

Packaged in 24g jars, with a best before date of 18 months.

The information box has the EAN13 of course, but also all the obligatory mentions and advice of use, in French and Spanish. On the front, it has a window so that the customer can see the pearls.

Our Lemon Caviar Pearls are certified organic (Operator CV7882E certified by ES-ECO-020-CV).

Professionals can contact us HERE for other sizes and prices



Our Organic different Caviar Lemons Organic , Enjoy!

A selection of our Lemon Caviar

Treat yourself !

We are in Valencia

The Citrus Country

Citrus country

Our orchard is located in the plain of Valencia, Spain.

Valencia has a very special climate that is beneficial to our tree varieties.

And Valencia, because of its natural history with citrus (for several centuries), has all the qualities and specificities necessary for our farm to grow vigorously and formally.

History of Our Farms

La Casa Del Limon De Carolina, production Ecological and sale of Lemon Caviar, Yuzu, Combava and Kumquat

LA CASA DEL LIMON CAVIAR® it's our adventure, joined by Jean Vincent & Usi, as well as Caroline & Jérôme. We are producers of lemons caviar and citrus exception (and wholesaler in lemon caviar because we are short circuit).

Both adept at salty and sweet, we are always looking for new flavors, new recipes knowing that we are particularly fond of citrus (lemon caviar, yuzu, combawa and kumquat). And that's how we discovered the lemon caviar ... which we fell "crazy" by all the possibilities it brings!

We tried to buy lemon caviar in France or Spain, and it took consistency to sometimes find high prices and often a little dry, following the long trip from the southern hemisphere, Australia (main exporter) or California.

And for us, it was the click: why could not we produce it ourselves?

After all, we love the land, the good products and all have a very strong farm culture in our families who were farmers. Living in Valencia (Spain), the cradle of citrus cultivation, we have studied everything: the land, the very specific climate of Valencia, all that our trees could need to feel good and therefore produce fruits of quality. And everything is at the rendezvous, the hot and humid climate of the region and the quality of the land.

But, the Caviar Lemon tree, It was thus necessary to study this tree well before undertaking its culture in full field and to prepare as well as possible its place of life and implantation.

Since 2017, we have about twenty trees (with different varieties) in "greenhouse laboratory" at home, to study the adaptation of trees, their needs, the periods of flowering and harvest, their sensitivity to pests and harmful ... all you need to know, because it must be said that this tree, this thorny bush is a savage in every sense of the word! The documentation and all the data concerning it are rare, not very descriptive.

This tree, or rather this thorny bush, even if it is called "citrus", has nothing to do with the usual lemon tree that we know well: its differential characteristics come from its origin: the wet undergrowth of the Australian forests of the Queensland (original specificity, breeding, climate, fruiting).

To synthesize:

  • It's a lemon tree that has nothing to do with a classic lemon tree
  • His arboriculture is very different from the classic lemon tree
  • Its need as a land, adapted to its origin, is also very different from that of the well-known lemon tree.
  • Its breeding is fragile because specific in terms of fruiting, and its size for example.

In order to diversify our offer, we have decided to add caviar lemons, yuzu, kaffir lime and a new variety of extraordinary kumquat, which we will call kumquat caramelo.

The lemon caviar is a fantastic fruit, exceptional, but very fragile that requires extreme care to reveal its potential. It is used both in cooking and baking for the multitude of taste and visual possibilities it brings. The greatest chefs use it with unique variations and amazing flavors.

This fruit, according to the variety ( purple lemon caviar ), has incredible and diversified aromas, and also a great ability to DESIGN on a dish and a dessert.

Our goal is to be able to benefit from this exceptional product, by cultivating quality fruits with a biological culture that respects the ecosystem and especially to participate in our level to reduce the carbon footprint generated by these imports.

So here are the different challenges we had to overcome, to launch our orchard!

We are producers of lemons caviar and citrus exception (and wholesalers because we are short circuit).

Sale of lemon caviar (microcitrus australasica) for professionals and individuals, sale of yuzu, sale of Kumquat, sale of combava.

On our Blog & Vlog, you will find all the tips on different fruits, different varieties of lemons caviar, including purple lemon caviar and even very soon, full of easy cooking recipes with these different fruits.

Finally, after a few years of trying, we decided to stop yuzu, kumquat and kaffir lime. We are now dedicated to lemon caviar and its many varieties.


From Our Blog & Vlog

What is our brand ?

Registered European Trademark (®) - Why have we registered Our Brand?

Our brand La Casa Del Limon Caviar®

Our brand, La Casa Del Limon Caviar, is our registered European Trademark (®)

Why have we registered Our Brand?

Our Brand
La Casa Del Limon Caviar® refers to our quality fruit, and in the premium fruit market, it's important to maintain quality.

Our fruits are treated in an ecological, organic way, which means that there are never any chemical pesticides, nor ever chemical fertilizers.

We see our profession as a farmer as essential to human health.
So YES, it's difficult, but we cannot think otherwise! For us it is essential.

But even more: we are committed to an even more demanding path in ecological mode: the mode of "high environmental value".

Why ? Because Biodiversity in agricultural systems has decreased alarmingly around the world. But some farming systems have maintained significant and visible biodiversity over time, through continuity in the use of sustainable farming practices.

Agriculture of high environmental value means farming:
- Which integrates and develops biodiversity in the management of the operation,
- Which limits inputs as much as possible (phyto, fertilizers, energy, external food, etc.). For an agriculture that is both autonomous and not very degrading for the soil, water and air.

Agriculture of High Environmental Value is based on the principles of agroecology:
- They set up production systems that are based on the mechanisms offered by ecosystems (soil fertility, crop protection fauna, plant cover promoting soil life, permanent grasslands, etc.).
- They ensure agricultural production while preserving the environment (reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, limitation of the use of inputs, preservation of water resources).
- They use natural and renewable elements (plant cover or "green manure", agroforestry).
- They promote diversity in production systems and restore a diversified landscape (diversification of crops, rotations, establishment of agro-ecological infrastructures, ponds and wetlands, etc.).

The way is difficult, but it also conditions the taste and aromatic value of our fruits! Their longevity, their period of freshness is 2 to 3 times that of fruits produced in conventional mode.

This is why our Brand is important: know how to claim it from your reseller, and you know why!

After 3 years of organic certification, this year 2023, we have decided not to renew our ecological certification by the CAECV, because it is not profitable: neither in economic mode, nor in pure agricultural mode. Indeed, naturally, we have included the rules of ORGANIC ECO agriculture in our practices from the start. Certification does not bring us anything more, except significant administrative burdens. So we decided to decline certification, without changing anything in our practices which were already more ORGANIC than ORGANIC.

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  • Nous mettons en vente aujourd'hui , un certain nombre de pépins (graines)(semillas) de citron caviar fingerlime, avec des variétés pas trop fréquentes. (produits Issus de notre champ).
Ça va être bientôt le moment.

Ponemos a la venta hoy semillas de caviar de limón, fingerlime, con variedades no demasiado comunes. (productos de nuestro huerta).
Casi es la hora.


#citroncaviar #fingerlime #caviarcitrico #semillas #limon
  • Comienza la recolección de nuestra variedad de Limones Caviar ROJO. Delicioso, afrutado, en tostadas de aperitivo, postre, pescados, mariscos, mousse de chocolate, sorbete de frutos rojos, muchas ideas para degustar. Es ahora ! ¡Ordene rápidamente!
Envío rápido a toda Europa. 

La cueillette commence sur notre variété de Citrons Caviar ROJO. Délicieuse, fruitée, sur des toasts apéritifs, un dessert, un poisson, des coquillages, une mousse au chocolat, un sorbet fruits rouge, plein d'idées pour déguster. C 'est maintenant ! Commandez vite!
Envoi rapide partout en Europe

Notre mail : Ventas@lacasadelimon.com
  • Nous avons eu la semaine dernière une chaleur extrême 44°/45° accompagnée d'un vent chaud très sec (9% de tx d'humidité). Le taux normal ici est entre 65 et 85%. Du coup, certains de nos Citrons Caviar ont très mal vécu cela, avec des brûlures des zestes et nécroses. Voilà voilà 😡😡

#citroncaviar #caviardelimon #caviarcitricos #fingerlimes
  • Devant le réchauffement climatique, et le grave problème de disponibilité d'eau que nous allons rencontrer, Nous avions dit que nous mettions en place un programme d'économie d'eau, pour l'irrigation. Nos efforts sont concluants. Grace à cela, nous avons fait sur les 6 premiers mois de l'année -39% de consommation ! Oui, une économie d'eau de 39% ! qui peut dire mieux ? 

Frente el calentamiento global climatico, y el grave problema de disponibilidad de agua que nos vamos a encontrar, dijimos que estábamos poniendo en marcha un programa de ahorro de agua para riego. Nuestros esfuerzos son concluyentes. Gracias a esto, hemos logrado durante los primeros 6 meses del año -39% de consumo! ¡Sí, un ahorro de agua del 39%! ¿Quién puede decir mejor?

  • En tant qu'individu, agir contre le réchauffement climatique, c'est par exemple :
⏩Diminuer sa consommation de chauffage, surtout fioul et gaz.
⏩Parcourir moins de kilomètres en voiture, préférer le train.
⏩Ne plus prendre l'avion pour des loisirs, ni les paquebots croisières. 
⏩Manger plus de légumes et moins de viande (diminuer des 30% au moins), favoriser les légumineuses  et fruits. 
⏩Adopter le zéro déchet, en recyclant au maximum. 
⏩Acheter moins de choses et les garder longtemps.
⏩Passer aux énergies renouvelables.
⏩Penser pour tout "Économie d'eau". 
⏩Penser "Local" avant tout. Et se satisfaire de ce que l'on a. 
⏩Et estimer ainsi participer à la limitation des disparitions des espèces annoncées et déjà en marche. 
  • Citron caviar Red Crystal. 🌱
  • On parle sécheresse : 2 images du même endroit de notre champ (partie non cultivée) , l'année dernière et cette année. Voilà tout est dit, la sécheresse n'est pas qu'une carte météo !🥵

Estamos hablando de sequía: 2 imágenes del mismo lugar en nuestro campo (parte no cultivar), el año pasado y este año. Todo está dicho, ¡la sequía no es solo un mapa del tiempo!🥵

  • Les fleurs des citronniers caviar sont uniques, délicates, peu odorantes. Certains boutons floraux sont extrêmement discrets et minuscules et resteront ainsi. D'autres s'épanouiront en de très belles fleurs.

  • Le sorbet au chocolat est un dessert classique, mais avez-vous déjà essayé de l'agrémenter avec de la poudre de citron caviar torréfiée et une touche de perles citron caviar ? Cette combinaison offre une expérience gustative unique et rafraîchissante qui saura ravir vos papilles.

Voir la recette ici sur notre blog>>>

Chocolate sorbet is a classic dessert, but have you ever tried adding roasted lemon caviar powder and a touch of lemon caviar pearls? This combination offers a unique and refreshing taste experience that will delight your taste buds.

See the recipe here on our blog>>>

El sorbete de chocolate es un postre clásico, pero ¿ha probado alguna vez a añadirle polvo de caviar de limón tostado y un toque de perlas de caviar de limón? Esta combinación ofrece una experiencia de sabor única y refrescante que hará las delicias de sus papilas gustativas.

Vea la receta aquí en nuestro blog>>>


  • Nous sommes Très fiers de notre Poudre de Citron Caviar Torréfiée Biologique, pour les chefs. Merci à eux. 


  • Le citronnier caviar, également connu sous le nom de citron perlé ou Finger Lime, est un arbre originaire d'Australie qui produit des fruits exceptionnels. Cependant, cultiver des citronniers caviar peut être difficile. Les graines ont une faible viabilité et une germination imprévisible. Les arbres ont besoin de beaucoup de lumière, d'humidité et de nutriments pour produire des fruits de qualité, tout en étant sensibles aux maladies et parasites. De plus, la taille de l'arbre est souvent difficile à gérer. Enfin, la récolte des fruits est délicate car ils sont petits et fragiles et ne mûrissent pas tous en même temps. Cependant, pour ceux qui sont prêts à relever le défi, les fruits exceptionnels de ces arbres en valent souvent la peine.
  • Yogurt cake and Roasted caviar lemon powder 🌱🍋

A simple cake, easy to make, and which delights children and adults of course.

Ingredients :
- 1 Greek-style yogurt
- 2 yoghurt doses of sugar
- 3 yoghurt doses of flour
- 3/4 dose sunflower oil yoghurt
- 3 eggs
- 1/2 sachet baking powder
- 1 teaspoon of Roasted Lemon Caviar Powder.
- 1 apple

Preperation :
1- peel the apple, cut it into cubes.
2- mix all the ingredients except apple and powder
3- add the apple, then the Roasted Lemon Caviar Powder. Leave to rest for 15 mins.
4- put parchment paper in a mold, remix the ration preparation well, and pour it into the mold.
5- preheat the oven to 180° for 20min
6- put in the oven for 30min

NB: Roasted Lemon Caviar Powder is a new product, with an extraordinary aroma. You can find it in your favorite delicatessen, or on our website www.lacasadelimon.com

  • Nous sommes tombés amoureux du citron caviar fingerlime ! Ce fruit rare est un véritable délice pour les papilles. La peau fine et croquante renferme des petites billes acidulées qui explosent en bouche. Idéal pour ajouter une touche de fraîcheur à n'importe quel plat ou pour une garniture de cocktails. Si vous en avez l'occasion, n'hésitez pas à en goûter, vous ne serez pas déçu !

#citroncaviar #fingerlime #fruitrare #delice #gastronomie #cocktail