Our FingerLime Austral-Ice

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We tell you more about our FingerLime Austral-Ice, their production starts, a hell of a year :)

That's it, the production of Our FingerLime Austral-Ice is coming!

Finally soon, the last storms and hail in Valencia did not weaken the fruits! Our production is beautiful, fruity, with an incomparable aroma.

Its shape is elongated, oval, round, the skin is dark from green to brown, and inside, we can find caviar.
Fingerlime is a citrus fruit from an Australian story, whose shape is reminiscent of the pudgy or thin fingers of a hand.

The Citrus Australasica

is a species endemic to the forests of Queensland Australia.
The fruit of this plant, Fingerlime, is an ancestral fruit, cataloged in 1895 by the British Kew Collection.
In 1989, it is a nurseryman who develops it with different grafts and crosses.

The "Pearls" are colored according to the variety: coral pink with lime, yellow or dark fuchsia, each color with its aromatic peculiarity.
According to some, it has antiseptic properties, diuretics and helps digestion.
Obviously it is rich in vitamin B6, folic acid, potassium and vitamin C.

And in the kitchen, how do we use fingerlime

Today, the starred chefs, the great pastry chefs, and now especially the particular and amateur cook are looking for the Fingerlime for their preparations.

Try it on seashells, oysters, scallops, carpaccio and fish tartares, in salads, with avocado, in sweet preparations, with chocolate, on muffins, or in ice creams and sorbets, in your glass of champagne (a teaspoon of lemon caviar), to sharpen the palate between sips, or especially with gin, in the preparation of a fresh and tonic gin!

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