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Our brand, La Casa Del Limon Caviar, is our registered European Trademark (®), which allows us to sell our products in a safe and identifiable way.

Why have we registered Our Brand?

Our Brand
La Casa Del Limon Caviar® refers to our quality fruit, and in the premium fruit market, it's important to maintain quality.

Our fruits are treated in an ecological, organic way, which means that there are never any chemical pesticides, nor ever chemical fertilizers.

We see our profession as a farmer as essential to human health.
So YES, it's difficult, but we cannot think otherwise! For us it is essential.

And we are certified by CAECV as an organic farm. It's easy, just go to their website and see our presence in the operators.

Many farmers claim to be organic, and do not certify. This always hides a problem, and that problem is NEVER the price (the main argument), but rather the farming mode which is hidden, concealed. So not very clear! Above all to avoid.

But even more: we are committed to an even more demanding path in ecological mode: the mode of "high environmental value".

Why ? Because Biodiversity in agricultural systems has decreased alarmingly around the world. But some farming systems have maintained significant and visible biodiversity over time, through continuity in the use of sustainable farming practices.

Agriculture of high environmental value means farming:
- Which integrates and develops biodiversity in the management of the operation,
- Which limits inputs as much as possible (phyto, fertilizers, energy, external food, etc.). For an agriculture that is both autonomous and not very degrading for the soil, water and air.

Agriculture of High Environmental Value is based on the principles of agroecology:
- They set up production systems that are based on the mechanisms offered by ecosystems (soil fertility, crop protection fauna, plant cover promoting soil life, permanent grasslands, etc.).
- They ensure agricultural production while preserving the environment (reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, limitation of the use of inputs, preservation of water resources).
- They use natural and renewable elements (plant cover or "green manure", agroforestry).
- They promote diversity in production systems and restore a diversified landscape (diversification of crops, rotations, establishment of agro-ecological infrastructures, ponds and wetlands, etc.).

The way is difficult, but it also conditions the taste and aromatic value of our fruits! Their longevity, their period of freshness is 2 to 3 times that of fruits produced in conventional mode.

This is why our Brand is important: know how to claim it from your reseller, and you know why!

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