Roasted Lemon Caviar Powder 30g

Set of 4 Roasted Lemon Caviar Powder 30g

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Our Roasted Lemon Caviar Powder, the right mix of our varieties of caviar lemons, to make this unique!, bag of 30g


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It took a lot of work to find the right mix of our varieties of caviar lemons, to make this unique and fantastic powder!

Long months before finding the right and necessary proportion to make a balanced and extraordinary product, really bringing different taste and aromatic qualities.

The aroma is so powerful, strong, flowery, aroma of lime, citrus flower and topsoil, that the chefs who smelled our powder said “Whooooowww!”.

Our Roasted Lemon Caviar Powder, 100% Organic Fruit, Mixture of several varieties of Lemon Caviar, is a high-end product, like Truffle powder or Saffron powder!

It will be used to flavor your cooking and pastries, but also your cocktails, or your teas and infusions, and your finest gourmet dishes.

This very aromatic Our Organic Caviar Lemons powder will allow you to sublimate your cocktails, your dishes, your desserts. 1/2 teaspoon (1g) is enough to flavor a cocktail, a fish sauce, a broth, a salad dressing, a vinaigrette, a dessert cream, a chocolate dessert, a cake, an infusion or a tea! Enjoy!

It is packaged in a sealed bag, with an excellent quality ZIP closure, allowing it to have a DDM (date of minimum durability) of 18 months.

Our Roasted Lemon Caviar Powder is certified ORGANIC (CV7882E Operator certified by ES-ECO-020-CV).

Our Powder is also distributed for professionals (different packaging) on wholesale markets in France (Rungis, Nice, etc.) and in Spain. For all questions and information, our email is at the bottom of the page!



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