Natural Organic Lemon Caviar Pearls Colour BEIGE - x2

Natural Pearls of Lemon Caviar Organic Color BEIGE, in mini jars of 24g, LOT OF 2 MINI JARS

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Natural Lemon Caviar Pearls Organic Colour BEIGE

We wanted to enjoy our fruit and their "bewitching" Lemon Caviar Pearls longer than the season.
So we decided to put them in mini jars, and it's not as easy as that.

And finally, we found a way to preserve their aroma and integrity.

We offer you the possibility of consuming our magnificent Lemon Caviar pearls all year round!

They are ready to use.

All you have to do is open the jar (if possible, chill it for 15 minutes beforehand), and sprinkle your food, your dessert, your fish with the Lemon Caviar pearls of your choice.

We pack 2 kinds of colours: Natural Pearls of Lemon Caviar colour ROSA and Natural Pearls of Lemon Caviar colour BEIGE. Here we offer you the colour BEIGE.

These Lemon Caviar Pearls are natural (not synthetic like other citrus pearls), without preservatives, without additives, without colouring.

Packaged in a 24g jar, with a best before date of 18 months.

The information box has the EAN13 of course, but also all the obligatory mentions and advice for use, in French and Spanish. On the front, it has a window so that the customer can see the pearls.

Our Lemon Caviar Pearls are certified organic (Operator CV7882E certified by ES-ECO-020-CV).

Our pearls are distributed for professionals (different packaging) on wholesale markets in France (Rungis, Nice, etc...) and in Spain. For all questions and information, our email is at the bottom of the page!

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Data sheet

Las perlas pueden ser de color rojo a rosa muy claro. El aroma sigue siendo el de la fruta original. Por lo tanto, el color de las perlas varía mucho según el proceso de conservación, lo mismo con frutas frescas, ya que la variación de color está presente
Organic farming certified by CAECV and Fresh fruit
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