Sponsor a AUSTRAL-ICE Lemon Caviar Tree 5 years

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  • Sponsor a AUSTRAL-ICE Lemon Caviar Tree, In return for this sponsorship, you will receive: 0.5Kg of ECOLOGICAL CAVIAR LEMONS (about 30 to 50 lemons) each year for 5 years.

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Our field is certified by CAECV (Comité de Agrícultura Ecológica de la Comunitat Valenciana)

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The sponsorship of a tree is the fact of supporting the planting of a tree, its growth, and therefore participating in the sustainable development of our ecological exploitation.
Sponsorship consists of supporting the purchase and planting of a fruit tree, and its maintenance. It is a strong act in agroecology.
Biodiversity and Ecosystems: Trees are awesome. And we need more trees to capture carbon and fight climate change!
Biodiversity is at the heart of our arboriculture.
By buying directly from the producer, you participate in the viability of agroecological projects and you contribute to improving the conditions of the primary agricultural sector, and overall, to better health and restoration of ecosystems.
The sponsorship of a tree, plant, cultivated plot or animal is a unique and valuable commitment:
- For the Farmer (producer): produce more ethically, know his customers (CrowdFarmer), get their feedback on the qualities of his productions
- For the CrowdFarmer (client): traceability and transparency of what he receives, more personal relationship with the farmer,

Our trees grow throughout their life in dynamic ecosystems where flora and fauna thrive, and we want to develop and stimulate it.
This is how our plantation is developed by integrating all the principles of agroecology and High Environmental Value.

You then wish to visit our plantation, is it possible? Of course! We will be delighted to welcome you to our orchard. Of course, this must be done by appointment, with at least 1 month in advance.


In return for this sponsorship, you will receive:

- 0.5Kg of ORGANIC CAVIAR LEMONS (about 30 to 50 lemons) each year for 5 years.(so 2.5Kg in total).

The packaging and transport costs are included, you will not have to pay extra.

In the event of a poor harvest due to weather damage or other causes leading to the loss of the harvest greater than 50%, your due (0.5kg) is carried over to the following year.
Producing fruit is not the same as making bicycles. It depends on weather conditions, winter conditions, the invasion of pests (pests, diseases) or other factors that are difficult for Farmers to anticipate.

The fruits are only picked to order, the day before their shipment.
They do not ripen in a cold room. They ripen on the tree.
They travel directly from the tree to your address.
It's FRESH ULTRA, which guarantees freshness and extraordinary aromatic powers.
They are packaged and shipped in 100% recyclable boxes.

  • 3- WHEN WILL YOU RECEIVE?If you don't reply, we don't send.

The harvest is done from END OF AUGUST to END OF NOVEMBER.
You will then receive, during this period, the consideration as described in paragraph 2.

So that the expedition goes well, you will receive an email, 10 days before, to certify your presence for the reception.If you don't reply, we don't send.

Tree production begins [year +1] after your sponsorship dates.

- A sponsorship dating from MARCH 2020, the fruits will be shipped in AUGUST / NOVEMBER 2021


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Organic farming certified by CAECV and Fresh fruit
Sponsor a tree
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